Honda Winter Tires Available in Lima, OH


Many of us (especially if we are Game of Thrones fans) are familiar with the phrase “Winter is Coming”. While we are less than thrilled with that thought, we can’t deny that the temperatures will soon drop and snow will start falling – and that snow and ice can make roads incredibly challenging to drive on. 


Back in the 1800s, most folks typically stayed home throughout the winter and if they had to go someplace, they either trudged along on foot or hitched up the horses. Of course, we are now in the late 2010s, and we have places to go during the winter months (such as work, the kids’ after-school activities, and family holiday get-togethers) – and we can’t let a little snow and ice prevent us from getting there. And we have cars instead of draft animals. 


To help us get around more easily during the winter months, many of us drive a Honda vehicle with added all-wheel drive. But it never hurts to be as prepared as possible or have some peace of mind if your Honda is outfitted with front-wheel drive. 


That is where we come in. Here at White's Honda , we offer a full-service center, along with an extensive inventory of authentic Honda-certified parts. Some of our most popular parts are new sets of tires. In addition to replacing tires that have worn down too much or switching one out after a blowout, many of our customers request special winter-grade tires so they can enjoy better grip and handling when the roads become icy and covered in snow. 


Our inventory of Honda winter tires have been specially selected by the Japanese automaker to match its standards in quality and performance. And there is a size for every model! 


To learn more, please contact us and schedule a service appointment!