Storm with lightning and tornado

Honda Vehicle Storm Damage Repairs Lima, OH 

Here at White's Honda , one of our favorite things about the summer season are epic thunderstorms. There is something about the danger and anxiety in the air that gets our adrenaline going. To be honest, we are happy to watch epic storms from the safety and comfort of our own home, but sometimes those storms can get especially vicious and can damage our vehicle if it is not safely sheltered inside of a garage. This damage can include dents from falling hail (even pea-sized hail can damage the exterior of a car), burned or warped spots and electrical issues from lightning strikes, and shattered windows or puncture wounds from flying debris. In extremely violent storms – particularly tornadoes that are rated an EF5 on the Enhanced Fujita scale – trees can fall over and crush a vehicle. Or the vehicle can be picked up as if it were light as a feather and be crumpled up to the point where it is unrecognizable. 

While not much can be done for a vehicle that has been crushed or crumpled during a storm, we are able to help with minor to moderate damage here at White's Honda  thanks to our in-house service center. Depending on what sources you look at, Ohio can be considered part of Tornado Alley, though it rarely sees the same number or power as the storms that occur in Oklahoma or Kansas. But our service technicians have seen some interesting damage on vehicles over the years and are more than willing to help make your Honda look good again. This can include smoothing out dents, patching up puncture wounds, replacing shattered windows, and more! 

To learn more about Honda vehicle storm damage repairs, please contact us or visit us here at White's Honda  today! 

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