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Honda Vehicle Cleaning and Sanitation Lima, OH

Hey Honda drivers! When was the last time you gave the interior of your vehicle a good cleaning on the inside? Is the dash covered in dust? Are there fingerprints on the steering wheel? Is there a layer of dirt on the carpeting? Then it is time for a good solid cleaning! While cleaning your Honda on your own isn’t completely impossible, it is worthwhile to have professionals do it. 

Here at White’s Honda, we have an in-house service center that can take care of maintaining and servicing your Honda vehicle. Our technicians are specially trained to know the architecture and personality of each Honda vehicle from the compact Civic to the adventure-ready Passport. While they are always ready to change your oil or run an inspection to find out why your “Check Engine” light is on, our technicians are more than happy to provide a thorough cleaning for the interior of your vehicle. They use highly-effective yet gentle cleaning solutions recommended by Honda to disinfect the multiple materials found inside your vehicle. They also will make sure to get those hard-to-clean spots to ensure that everything is clear and working properly. 

And speaking of working properly, our technicians can perform a thorough inspection of your vehicle to make sure everything is solid and performing correctly. 

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Thank You for Choosing White’s Honda! 

Here at our dealership, we strive to offer a fun and easy experience with the Honda brand. In addition to our in-house service center, we offer: 

  • An extensive inventory of new Honda vehicles 
  • A wide selection of high-quality used vehicles from many different brands 
  • Flexible financing options 
  • A large inventory of Honda-certified parts and accessories 
  • And much more! 

To learn more, please contact our dealership or visit us during open hours! 

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