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Honda Oil Changes Near Lima, OH

When you invest your hard-earned money into a Honda vehicle, you want it to continue to run as smoothly as the day you bought it. In order to do this, you need to give it regular maintenance, and one of the most common maintenance tasks is an oil change. 


The purpose of automotive oil is to lubricate all of the moving parts of your chosen Honda model’s engine. Not having enough oil – or even old and dirty oil – means that the mechanisms will rub against each other and wear out. This can even cause serious damage to your Honda model's engine, which can result in a very expensive repair. 


You can avoid this from happening by bringing your Honda vehicle to the service department here at White's Honda . Our experts are specially trained to know the ins and outs of each Honda model and can look for other signs of wear and tear while your vehicle is up on the hoist or while the hood is open. 


When trying to do an oil change yourself, you often deal with the hassle of paying top dollar for parts or oil – only to discover that you bought the wrong items. And then you have to be out in your cold garage, and then you need to deal with disposing of your old oil and oil filter. Here at White's Honda , we have all of the parts we need in order to get the job done while you get to stay nice and warm in our lobby. And we are able to properly recycle the used oil and filters!  


If you have any questions about maintaining your Honda model – whether it is simple or complicated – please contact our service department here at White's Honda  and talk to our service experts today. 



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