Muffler and exhaust pipe

Honda Muffler/Exhaust Repair Lima, OH 

When it comes to the Honda brand, some drivers love them loud! In order to obtain this volume, drivers usually remove or revamp the muffler and exhaust system on their own or through private customization services. Other drivers, however, prefer a nice, quiet riding experience in their Honda and love their high-quality muffler that is located in the vehicle's underbelly. However, after many miles (40,000 to 80,000 is the average range, or two to four years), your Honda model's muffler will wear out. This is a very typical occurrence and is usually caused by moisture and salt that come into contact with your Honda during the winter months. Eventually, the muffler will break away from the system and you will notice some annoying – not to mention scary – noises. 

Luckily, White's Honda  is here to help you. Our dealership is not only ready to sell you a new Honda model but also keep it in excellent condition for many years to come. We credit this capability to our in-house service center and highly-trained technicians. One task that our service experts are familiar in is fixing the muffler/exhaust system or replacing the parts as needed. Sometimes the fix can be extremely easy and all that needs to be done is a little bit of welding. At other times, we might need to completely switch out the parts. Either way, we will talk to you and offer advice on how we can make the repairs with your current budget. 

Additionally, one of the best things about bringing your Honda model to White's Honda  for service is that you won't have to hunt for the correct parts because we have an abundant supply right here – and they have all been approved by Honda! 

To learn more about muffler/exhaust system repairs – or to schedule a service appointment – please contact us here at White's Honda  today!