Two kids ready to hit the road during the holiday season

Honda Holiday Road Trip Preparation Maintenance Lima, OH

During the upcoming holiday season, many folks will be traveling around the country to visit family (or maybe to get away from the commercialism of the holidays and from heartbreak or difficult family members). Either way, holiday travel is notorious for being expensive if you go by airplane – especially if you have a family of four or five. 

To help cut down on expenses, many families choose to drive their vehicle to their holiday destination. This is a great idea since you will be saving money, have the freedom to bring extra luggage without added fees, and you don’t need to deal with airlines’ delayed schedules. 

There is one thing that you really truly need to worry about (besides making sure that the kids are occupied), and that is making sure that your vehicle is ready to get you to your destination and back home again without any problems. Sure, car trouble makes for great comedy in many holiday blockbusters and often leads to love in the Hallmark Channel holiday movies, but let’s leave that to Hollywood. When you are on the road and making your way to family gatherings, the last thing you want is your car to break down and be stuck out in the cold while missing out on that delicious holiday ham. 

Luckily, we are here to help you out. In addition to our selection of new vehicles, we have an in-house service center that can get your vehicle in tip-top shape for your holiday travels. Our highly-skilled technicians will be more than happy to help with battery replacements, oil changes, making sure that the cabin’s heater is working properly, and switching out your current tires for a set of specialty winter tires to help make driving in snow easier. 

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