Honda Alignments Lima, OH 


Everyday driving will cause your Honda to become misaligned over time, but hitting potholes, curbs, speed bumps, and wildlife make the problem occur much sooner. Constantly carrying a lot of extra weight in your Honda and driving with insufficient tire pressure will also cause a premature misalignment. These factors cause your Honda (especially its suspension) to strain and stretch out of its original straight and balanced form. 


Honda Misalignment Symptoms 


There are a few symptoms that you may notice that indicate a misalignment in your Honda. These symptoms may include: 


  • Your tires are squealing and wearing out unevenly/sooner than normal. 

  • When you are driving straight, your steering wheel is crooked. 

  • You feel your vehicle pulling to the left or right. 


How to Prevent Misalignment in Your Honda 


While eventual misalignment is natural, you can prevent it from happening prematurely in your Honda by doing the following: 


  • Check the pressure in your tires regularly and keep them at their correct levels. 

  • Don’t carry extra cargo weight when you don’t have to.   

  • Try to avoid hitting potholes, curbs, and wildlife. If a pothole or speed bump is unavoidable, try to drive slowly and gently. 


How Often Should I Get My Honda Model’s Alignment Checked? 


We recommend bringing your Honda to the White's Honda service department after every 6,000 miles to have the alignment examined. Besides a more comfortable driving experience, there are lots of benefits to driving a properly aligned Honda! Your tires will enjoy a much longer lifespan and you will experience optimal fuel efficiency.  


If you are interested in having your Honda aligned, contact us to schedule a service appointment with us! We are located at 3500 Elida Road in Lima, OH. Thanks and we look forward to helping you keep your Honda happy and healthy with an alignment!