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What are the differences between all the types of transmissions?

Differences Between Automatic, Manual and Continuously Variable Transmissions 

Often while we are looking at vehicle specifications, we notice there are a few transmission options available. We may understand what the difference between an automatic and manual but what about the continuously variable transmission? Today we will be laying out what each transmission does and show the differences.  

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Automatic Transmission 

This transmission type is one of the most popular transmissions used in modern vehicles. It shifts through the vehicle’s gears automatically. Some common names for this type of transmission are “Tiptronic,” “shiftable automatic” and “AutoStick.” 

Manual Transmission 

Unlike the automatic transmission, the manual requires the driver to shift all gears manually. This requires using both a movable gear and a driver-operated clutch. The manual transmission is commonly known as driving a “stick shift.” Many vehicles with these transmissions have six-speeds to switch between. Drivers who enjoy sporty vehicles will often gravitate toward the manual.  

Continuously Variable Transmission 

Compared to the other two transmissions, the continuously variable transmission does not use gears. To operate, it uses belts, pulleys and sensors to maintain a steady acceleration curve with no pauses. This allows the engine to keep its optimum power range and increases its efficiency and gas mileage. 

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